Monday, July 6, 2015

Five Reasons to Manage Risk Assessments and Audits Online

Here are 5 benefits to managing your Risk Assessments and Audit Surveys online:
  1.  Real time results.  Data can be scored and displayed in dashboards as it comes in, as opposed to taking weeks to score, collate, and present in graphs or tables.
  2. Reduced manpower and time.   Online management allows you to quickly create question sets, reproduce previous question sets, send electronically, and manage data within pre-set groups, rules, and parameters.      
  3. Automated processes; reminders, notifications, flags, etc.  Automate notifications, reminders, reports, and other alarms and flags.  Let the system stay on top of your critical risk management processes for you.
  4. Easy to scale from Mom and Pop to Global Organization.  Are you managing Risk Assessments or Audit Surveys for one department or location, or hundreds of departments in dozens of locations (and countries).  Risk Assessments can easily be applied to the appropriate groups.
  5. Central Organization for consistency and control.  Managing Risk or Audits for a variety of departments and location can get messy.  Which is the most current assessment?  Where is the question set located?  Which format should be used?  Managing all Risk Assessments and Audit Survey centrally can quell all the above answers. 

What others would you add?  We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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