Monday, February 11, 2013

Survey Management in the Cloud

We have discussed “Policy Management” over and over again on this blog,
but did you know ComplianceBridge can also act as a Survey Management

Within the TotalCompliance software, you can create test or questionnaires
that can be sent out to groups of individuals, or your entire
organization.  Some potential uses for a Survey Management feature are:

1)        Send out an employee assessment
2)        Test your employees on company policy
3)        Gain feedback with an employee suggestion and feedback survey
4)        Hold “votes” or gain collective feedback on organizational decisions.

All you have to do is create the survey and ComplianceBridge will do the
rest.  We will track who has taken the survey and total every users
answers to the survey.   You can also view any persons survey
individually, as well as report on global survey answers.

Please contact for more information on this

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