Thursday, May 19, 2011

Benefits of a Policy Management Software for Hospitals

Promise to Mothers has a good piece titled Benefits of Policy Management Software.

They write that studies have shown that Hospitals usually spend between
15-30 percent of their time searching for the right information- which
eats up about 5-10 percent of their revenue.  “Manual processing, storage
and retrieval of policies can become a subject of confusion among
front line hospital staff.”

In addition to the obvious time and money saved by having a readily
available online repository of documents, manual paper bases systems have
many other shortcomings.
“Policy management is an important process and a slight mismanagement or delay in retrieval of the required information can result in litigation charges, patient-safety incidents, and hospitals losing their license to operate. In light of the severity of these risks, the right information at right time is easy to get with the right policy management software.”
Risk reduction and time savings are two of the major reasons to move away
from a paper based system.  However, Promise to Mothers also includes a
list of reasons to move towards a policy management software:
“- Easy to use – since the software is easy to use, your staff won’t need
to spend much time in learning its usage
- Online access – all information is readily available online
- No paper work – the software completely eliminates the use of papers
- Authorized access – Not all can make modifications to the management of
the policy

The above listed are just a few of the many other benefits that come with
policy-specific software that several quality vendors offer.”
Read the full article here.

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